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Scavenger Hunt!!


1. You have 1 hr and 15 mins from when you start

2. You can look for any of the "finds" in any order. Try to strategize to get the most points

3. Your group has to stay together

3. If you don't have a picture or video, it doesn't count

4. Count the points at the end. The winning team gets trophies


YMCA - Take a video singing the YMCA song with a stranger - 3 points

Integration Statue - Take a selfie with your team infront of the integration statue - 1 Point

Wescott Plunge - Take a video of your teammate submerging their head in the Wescott fountain - 2 points

R.A. Promo - In a 20 second video, film an R.A.  giving reasons why you should be an R.A. - 5 points

Dorm Couch - Take a selfie with all of your members on a dorm couch - 1 Point

Handstand  - Take a picture of one of your members doing a handstand outside Ruby Diamond - 2 points

Find 2 new teammates - find someone else to join your scavenger hunt team (must be present for at least 5 other "finds" and come with you to the check in)  - 5 points per new teammate (limit 10 points, but more are welcome to join you)

Magnolia Resident - Have a teammate take a picture with a Magnolia resident - 1 point

Landis Resident - Have a teammate take a picture with a Landis resident - 1 point

Broward Resident - Have a teammate take a picture with a Broward resident 1 point

Starbucks Snooze -  Take a picture of a teammate sleeping in/outside a starbucks - 2 points

Book on Walruses - Find a book on walruses from Strozier and take a picture - 3 points

Paris Selfie - Find someone who has been to Paris and take picture with them - 1 point

I'm an Elephant - Have 2 team members impersonate circus elephants in front of the FSU circus tent - 2 points

Invisible Elliptical - film a teammate pretending to use an invisible elliptical machine outside the Leach  - 3 points

Health PSA -film a teammate shouting "exercise is an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle" outside the health and wellness center  - A points

Parking Garage Breakdance - Take a photo of two of your teammates breakdancing at the top of any parking garage - 2 points

Amphitheater Announcement - have one of your teammates announce they are running for President of the U.S. from the amphitheater - 2 points

Landis Frisbee - take a video of one of your members throwing a frisbee with a stranger on Landis - 3 points

Go Noles! - Video 3 teammates loudly doing the the tomahawk chop/song at the top of their lungs outside the stadium - 2 points

Dow Jones - Video a teammate reading the Dow Jones Industrial Average for the day outside of the business building - 2 points

Home Run - Film a video of one of your teammates pretending to hit a home run and round the bases outside of the baseball stadium - 2 points

Gains - Film one of your teammates walking doing bicep curls at the Leach - 3 points



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