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Prayer on Campus

A few notes:

1. Come back to the Lutheran Center by 9:00pm

2. It's totally fine to just watch if you don't feel comfortable praying for others. However, don't be afraid to just give it a try!

3. Avoid offering unsolicited advice. Our job is to listen well, pray and share Christ's love.


How to Start:

- Hello we’re with a Christian organization on campus called InterVarsity

- We’re just walking around letting people know that God loves them and asking how we can pray for them.


- (at some point, introduce yourself before you pray. Maybe ask a few pre-prayer conversation question below)

- Is there anything you want prayer for?


- Could I pray for you right now?



Good follow up or pre-prayer conversation questions:


- What’s your spiritual background?


- Are you interested in exploring faith? Would you be ok with exchanging numbers so I could keep you in the loop?

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